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Approach and Focus:  

We live in sequences of recapitulated patterns that started before we had cognitive memory. Most of us operate from places of nonsecure attachment patterns. In such places, we find ourselves operating in more tension, constriction, and origins of fear than our original design, leaving us befuddled as to why discomfort within or with others continues. Outside of our consciousness, we will repeat patterns- both favorable and unfavorable. 

Life without mind and body integration is full of challenges, fears and potentially painful experiences. Life with cognitive AND somatic integration, is full of as much love, life, health, balance, intimacy and wholeness, as we wish for there to be. The clients I currently see have a desire to move from stuck places-- into more ease, joy, empowerment, freedom, connectivity, health, and wellness. 

Whether you come as an individual client, or in partnership with your intimate one, I look forward to supporting your interests to find the abundant life you were born to have.




  • Integration  ​​

  • Unpacking Trauma 

  • Finding Internal Potency  

Sessions are what best suits your needs, starting with an intention we can both agree upon. Sessions congruently unfold by what is both set by the intention towards health, and the personal, historical layers that show up in need of integrative reorganization. 

All sessions are approximately 75 min, starting at $175.


A sliding scale is available for clients that cannot afford full price as I do not take insurance. Donations are accepted for clients in need. 

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