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"A Map to Greater Health, Love & Intimacy: My Journey Unpacking Imprints" 

Sara W. Martin 

Published Jan. 2022

There is a path to capturing authentic health, love, and intimacy within ourselves and each other.

Fearful of not having the life you really want to live? Confused about how to find yourself with greater peace and physical ease? 


A Map offers a way to help you understand how a felt sense of value, empowerment, and connection is accessible. From personal confusion to clarity, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Sara Wilson Martin, courageously offers her raw and vulnerable progression,

Mapping the Health we all desire to have in our greatest wonderment. 

In this powerful visual journey, A Map, offers a cutting-edge approach to rebuilding a life worth living. 

Fresh, progressive, integrative, and invigorating, this colorful narrative supports a gentle approach to processing pain, giving you the needed keys to unlock streams of abundance in your life. 

Sara believes that life is short, love is precious, and time is ticking. Each intentional moment has capacity to offer greater health, love, and intimacy, growing our humanity and physical wellness. Time is ticking for you to find your best self, value, and reason for being here. Time is ticking for you to show up for yourself and those you love. It is time. It is your turn. Your turn has already begun... 

The keys to current locked doors, are inside. 

Book Information: 

"A Map to Greater Health, Love & Intimacy: My Journey Unpacking Imprints" 

Author: Sara Wilson Martin

Published: Jan. 2022

Link to Purchase:  

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Interested in Reading a Sample? 

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